eydet mobarak! (persian new year)

March, 2010 - One Response

what’s cookin’ this year?

oh, rice boiling....thou art so beautiful 🙂

i hope it will be a beautiful year for you.


tahini bohini dressing

March, 2010 - One Response

in the chill of snowy march,

we dream of the sun on our skin…

so we layer our curly greens and juicy veggies,

decorated with little seeds and nuts,

(and a fantastic swirl of tahini-bohini)

and wait patiently for the spring to come…

taste the rainbow!

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rang-e-nak (a persian party in your mouth)

March, 2010 - 2 Responses

there was once a little walnut,

who lived inside a soft warm date,

who liked to be wrapped in a blanket of rosewater saffron halva,

who liked to be decorated in sweet cardamom snow,

who liked to be adorned with crisp pistachios…

look at the all the layers!

and they all lived together in the world of rang-e-nak!

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wiener winter happy bowl

February, 2010 - One Response

its winter

im in wien

it fits in a bowl

and it makes you really happy!

see, even she's happy!

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