avocado cuptarts for tessa

avocado mousse cuptarts

avocado mousse cuptarts

perhaps tartlette is a more elegant name, but cup-tart adequately covers the feeling of cuteness experienced when eating these hand-sized sweets!

with a crumbly sablé breton crust made of pistachio and flavoured with cardamom, these tarts are filled with a rich chocolate mousse made of avocado and sprinkled with little homemade lavender candies.

some were topped with fruit.

some were topped with fruit.

p.s. the mousse is completely raw and tastes out of this world!

*pictures by tessa*


One Response

  1. aaaaaaaah you are incredible with making these amazing amazing out of this world things!!! these remind me of afternoon tea, but third culture style! 😉 (yes i am in total denial of needing to be writing. no i’m taking a break. i swear.) HOMEMADE LAVENDER SWEETS?!?!?!?! do tell! (‘tell all, dearheart!’) ok ok ok back to work x

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