bastani soltanieh

bastani soltanieh is a persian ice-cream traditionally made with saffron and rosewater, and sprinkled with pistachio and rose petals. we added cardamom as well, made it with a hazelnut milk and coconut cream base and drizzled it with rose-syrup.

Bastani Soltanieh

Bastani Soltanieh

recommended usage:

make for your love on a lovely night

or, when in shortage of said love, teaching guiliano how to make it for his persian love is good too.

p.s. we used bio fructose sugar!


2 Responses

  1. this looks gorgeous!! and so delicious… the pistachios are amazing, i thought they were avocadoes! hazlenut milk and coconut cream, rose-water syrup, not to mention cardamom and saffron… heaven in a cup. please open an ice cream shop so i can come eat this every day.
    p.s. this photo is stunning. is that a tray in the background? beautiful.

    • it’s a handmade tile i got this summer in tehran!
      and thanks!

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