yeah, yeah…everyday is a juicy day now!

mama and i have become some of those crazy juicing people who will be drinking it everyday,

so this is my last posting including wine glasses of multi-coloured concoctions…

martini? no. cabbagini!

martini? no. cabbagini!

hope you get into it too,

because after four days of juicing every morning,

life is feeling pretty good for us!

25 Sep 09 019

cucumber, fennel, celery

p.s. pear and lettuce is our favourite.


3 Responses

  1. CAKE!! 🙂 xx

  2. pear & lettuce… sounds faeryish with glitter forests

  3. It’s great to add stuff to half fruit smoothies with greens and stuff like saffron, cilantro, immune mixes, spicy spices, wheatgrass shots… or freshly made almond milk !

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