un-persian love cake


pistachio & rosewater

pistachio & rosewater

as i searched the internet for a cake recipe involving pistachios and rosewater, i kept finding postings for ‘persian love cake’… which looked absolutely like an un-persian american cake using very persian flavours.

north americans equating this mix of persian flavours to love could be deconstructed in all its lovely orientalist undercurrents, but lets for a moment humour this idea, this love cake, as in the end it was quite lovely…

it had four layers!

it had four layers!

the cake itself was a cardamom and crushed pistachio fluffy cake, which i layered with a homemade pistachio-butter, and then topped with a sweet rosewater coconut-based buttercream… (recipe heavily inspired by isa chandra moskowitz and terry romero’ s ‘vegan cupcake take over the world’)

Oct 1 046

a lovely cake

this cake won’t heal a broken heart,

bring passionate lust into a cold or sad life,

it won’t make you feel the magic of sweet love.

this cake is delicious.

we ate it together, and we laughed alot.

and everything was o.k.


2 Responses

  1. It reminds of Christmas Unicorns or something

  2. It is really beautiful and sounds like it would be hard to resist not eating it all at once.

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