grapes of peace and a mama memory

on one of the many breaks from studying in the peace palace library,

a concord grapevine was found!

with the most absurdly deliciously sweet berries

my mouth had ever tasted!



mama and i loved them so much,

that i just had to make some jam for my trip to see her in vienna.

sweet grapes make sour compote!

sweet grapes make sour jam!

we toasted some bio dinkel (spelt) slices,

and spread a thick layer of jam,

jam on toast.

jam on toast.

in the end, it was not the welch’s grape jelly that mama remembered eating as a tot,

with peanut butter on white bread squares…

we decided perhaps it is all those yucky perservatives that make the welch jelly taste so good 😦


2 Responses

  1. haha i like this story. you jam-making sweetie pie.

  2. Much BETTER than Welch’s grape jelly! But true, the grapes off the vine tasted more like Welch’s grape jelly than the jam did. Why is that?

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