in my last week of the detoxifying alkaline diet i am on, and in hopes of working with friends’ wheat-free and sugar-free palates, i attempted to create some:




animal product-free




acidic fruit-free

tasty desserts.

it really didn’t happen.

what did happen was:

unpleasant eating experience #1 (inside holds the surprise...)

unpleasant eating experience #1 (UEE #1) was supposed to be some tasty nutty red lentil cookies which i only *slightly* tweaked to substitute the mashed potato for korean sweet potato flour, the soymilk for almond milk, and the peanut butter for ground sunflower seeds, the sugar for fructose, and the cream of tartar for lemon. (sidenote: the achieved tastelessness is not a reflection of the actual recipe, as i have followed it before and loved it! thank you bittersweet!)

turns out that when you bake with sunflower seeds, the parts that do not react with oxygen turn galactically green!

lets just say, these do not taste (or digest) deliciously, but maaaaaan the colours are cool right?


unpleasant eating experience #2

for UEE#2, a.k.a pear tarts, i used a simple almond oil and spelt flour crust but overkneaded it into a cardboard bland rubber, layered with a gooey almond butter filling that dried up into the centre like a rock, topped with overcooked dried up pears. these were served on a bed of melted coconut glop (yes, even the trusted coconut whipped cream messed up).

oh, did i mention i served these as dessert at a yogi dinner?


the perils of a young cook…

p.s. i will be making a comeback with the sunflower seeds in a different recipe, because really, green cookies!!! 🙂


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  1. Whew, while I’m sorry that your results were unsatisfactory, I’m relieved to hear that you enjoyed my original recipe! The green cookies are rather fascinating, at least…

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