sugar for sale

my university organized a fundraiser

for hope for haiti’s emergency relief fund.

we raised a little over 4000 euro!

there were music and dance performances, indo and south-asian food stalls, hair braiding and massages, second-hand clothing sales, photographs and paintings for auction, desserts and therefore…vegan cupcakes!

earlier that day,

saima and i began the insanity of baking,

and tasting,

50 sugary items to sell:

comforting banana-almond cake swirled with apricot preserves and chocolate chips, lathered in melted chocolate and nuts.

chocolate indulgence: deep chocolate chocolate-chip cake swirled with a rich coconut fudge frosting and topped with a candy cherry.

sweet and simple lemon cakes topped with fluffy coconut frosting.

we also quickly whipped up another batch of the sparkling ginger cookies to add to the variety.

*most recipes from vctotw and vwav*

now moving on (hopefully)

from hope for haiti

to justice for haiti.


2 Responses

  1. yuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..i can taste these still just by looking at the pics….good job…i need recipes for these babez…:)

  2. Tara Tabassi, you never cease to amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope all your intentions and good wishes come true, for everyone. love you, mom

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