no stress, fauxstess!

equation for a delicious life:

real friendship


fake hostess


no stress, fauxstess!

thus, said lady friend and i abided by this lifestyle equation,

and came together over baking these quaint little cakes:

a much improved version of the million-eggs-a-year-united-states-gas-station-junk-food-snack-cake-industry.

and of course, the inner creme...

two childhood friends perched at the breakfast bar, praticing making smooth white swirlies with creamy frosting…

after some time, we deviated (ever so slightly) from the traditional design:

a lil faux-person.

and once the last cake was swirled,

and creamy mouthfuls eaten by all,

we curled up like old times and fell asleep happy.

*recipes from vctotw*


One Response

  1. 😀 😀 best story ever.
    (and amazing photos!)
    love you boo

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