moving kitchen, and sweets for the soul.

time for this third culture kid

to move her kitchen again.

oh, the poetry of an airplane window...

this time bidding farewell to nederland,

and joining the viennese!

so while this kid is adjusting to the new kitchen,

she offers you some sweets,

this time not for the belly,

this time for your soul:


excerpt from poem ‘be kafee’

from book ‘zaatar diva’

suheir hammad

my arabic weak

but when      as kids

we’d had enough rice we’d

say alhumdilallah     be kafee

place these words please

in a bowl steaming   and sticking

to your ribs    past

into your hurt

rice more precious than green

eat this poem

when you hungry

know you enough

sustaining    soul affirming

your beauty priceless

and i carry you not

in my pocket    i carry

you in my heart.

may you have a lovely loving non-capitalist day of hearts!


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your internship and graduation,
    Iva and Randy Fendrick

  2. hurray to your new kitchen my love!! and thank you for the sweets for my soul – it’s very full now 🙂 xx

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