tahini bohini dressing

in the chill of snowy march,

we dream of the sun on our skin…

so we layer our curly greens and juicy veggies,

decorated with little seeds and nuts,

(and a fantastic swirl of tahini-bohini)

and wait patiently for the spring to come…

taste the rainbow!

tahini-bohini salad dressing

inspired by hopes of summer!

makes enough for two small salads


2 tablespoons tahini

1 lemon

1 tablespoon walnut oil

1 tablespoon maple syrup


1. squeeze lemons and sift out seeds

2. stir in tahini

3. stir in oil and syrup

4. pour over salad*!

*anything works: we had: veldsla, rucola, curly arugula, steamed sweet potato, curled carrots, toasted chestnuts, sundried tomato, cucumber slivers, toasted sesame seeds, cumin seed, walnuts…


One Response

  1. do you know what’s amazing
    if someone showed me a picture of that salad and asked me who made it, i would say YOU!!! you have such a signature way of making ALL food look and more importantly TASTE really really really good!!!! drool.

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