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pumpkin-pie-cupcake-rellenos para tanita
February, 2010

tanita turned one year older

so we celebrated in style:

happy birthday lady!



pot du ‘shir berenj’
January, 2010

comfortingly creamy spoonfuls of milky rice and a lightly flavoured cardamom and rose water aftertaste is the persian pot du creme or as we say, ‘shir berenj’, literally meaning ‘milk rice’.  usually shir berenj is made during ramazan, but i think these flavours taste good all year!

milk-rice or shir-berenj


a journey and a stoofpeertje
January, 2010

i’m back.

after a long journey of heartbreak and loosing myself, completing my thesis and graduating, getting published, acting in a play, assisting the feminist dialogues, protesting in copenhagen and making a profound pilgrimage with mama to adele in capetown…

i’m back, and i still really like to cook.

so what is better than warm spiced pears stuffed with dates served on a cool bed of saffron custard on a freezing dutch night?