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oranges for a lady
January, 2010

yes, it’s true, my best friend is in town!

and she is a lady in the truest of the sense,

so presenting her with a tin of sugared orange peel dipped in organic fair-trade chocolate feels simply perfect!

simple ingredients... extravagant flavours

with the excesses of candy, i was able to gift a tin to my favourite professor and use some to decorate cupcakes you will be seeing shortly!

*recipe from hannah kaminsky’s ‘my sweet vegan’*


a journey and a stoofpeertje
January, 2010

i’m back.

after a long journey of heartbreak and loosing myself, completing my thesis and graduating, getting published, acting in a play, assisting the feminist dialogues, protesting in copenhagen and making a profound pilgrimage with mama to adele in capetown…

i’m back, and i still really like to cook.

so what is better than warm spiced pears stuffed with dates served on a cool bed of saffron custard on a freezing dutch night?



strawberries and pepper
April, 2009

Strawberry Black Pepper Ice-Cream
Strawberry Black Pepper Ice-Cream

crushed strawberries and black pepper stirred into a rich coconut cream base and some good company makes for a refreshing spring day’s end. even better is when drizzled with sticky lychee liquor sauce and and fresh strawberries!

(ice cream recipe inspired by sarah raven’s ‘in season’;

liquor sauce inspired by paul and his many cocktail concoctions)