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bastani soltanieh
September, 2009

bastani soltanieh is a persian ice-cream traditionally made with saffron and rosewater, and sprinkled with pistachio and rose petals. we added cardamom as well, made it with a hazelnut milk and coconut cream base and drizzled it with rose-syrup.

Bastani Soltanieh

Bastani Soltanieh



cup o’ tea
May, 2009

cup o’ tea is a vanilla (wheat-free) cupcake speckled with fresh earl-grey tea…

spread with creamy white chocolate…

topped with a fresh coconut, lemon-rind and blueberry ice cream…

piped with rich lavender butter-cream frosting…

and sprinkled with lavender-blossom sugar crystals.


strawberries and pepper
April, 2009

Strawberry Black Pepper Ice-Cream
Strawberry Black Pepper Ice-Cream

crushed strawberries and black pepper stirred into a rich coconut cream base and some good company makes for a refreshing spring day’s end. even better is when drizzled with sticky lychee liquor sauce and and fresh strawberries!

(ice cream recipe inspired by sarah raven’s ‘in season’;

liquor sauce inspired by paul and his many cocktail concoctions)