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a box for bobby in berlin
September, 2009

for his birthday, there was a box:

3 kinds of Muffins

3 kinds of Muffins



banana-nut muffins for sy
August, 2009

Banana Nut

“whenever i go on a trip, i think about all the homes i’ve had & i remember how little has changed about what comforts me” (story people)

yes, that’s a train in the background- because sometimes you take a plane, a train and a bus to visit your oldest friend. i went carrying what was her favourite when she was a kid; banana-nut muffins. (more…)

for a student in stress
March, 2009

theBlueberry Muffinsse classic blueberry muffins were presented to a studying paul at midnight.

he rated them a nine out of ten, even before he knew they were vegan!