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rang-e-nak (a persian party in your mouth)
March, 2010

there was once a little walnut,

who lived inside a soft warm date,

who liked to be wrapped in a blanket of rosewater saffron halva,

who liked to be decorated in sweet cardamom snow,

who liked to be adorned with crisp pistachios…

look at the all the layers!

and they all lived together in the world of rang-e-nak!



black-bean ((brownie)) bars
February, 2010

we had black-beans.

many many many black-beans.

gingery black-bean vegi-burgers, spicy black-bean sweet-potato soup, coconut black-beans and rice were made.

and so were black-bean brownies bars.

"bean around the world, nenananaa..."


kenza’s carrot cupbread
January, 2010

inspired as usual,

by the sweet simplicity of la tulipe,

i decided to stir together the savory carrot cake,

(with slight vegan and gluten-free variations)

which baked into moist little nutty cupbreads,

savoury bread baked like cupcake? = cupbread!

a perfect snack to gobble while chatting with friends (especcially when sitting with a lovely yogi friend looking out the window at the sunshine!!)


blue moonberry pie
September, 2009

raw pie


mama arrived at midnight, so i put together one of those ‘raw’ pies to welcome her back to one of her homes.